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If you want changes in your future - be that change in the present - Mahatma Gandhi

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Legal Services in Ukraine

Lawers and attorney from Maxim Golosnoy's team

Will assist in protecting your rights in criminal law, claims, operational law, contract law, administrative law. Represent your interests in courts, making statements about the committed criminal offence or a claim in Ukraine. Appeal against inaction of the authorities, the Police or Prosecutor's office.

Services are provided on a contract basis.

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Helping people

I try to be helpful to people who are also trying to be helpful to others. Will give an advise and or answer your questions. Priority is given to solving problems that have social relevance: reforming society, fight against corruption, protection of citizens' rights, local government, land and ecology.




Between The Lines of Raider Attack Stories

An interesting article “Who captures “Musketeer” and why?” is printed in the last issue of Faces magazine. It’s also available on the website. It’s informative not only in terms of studying those “innovations” that raiders have put into use to seize your property in cooperation with law enforcement authorities… The story is told by the director of an ice-cream company “Musketeer”. He tells about his ordeals, searches for law, protection, justice and righteousness in police, prosecutor’s offices and courts of […]

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