To Work!

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Sun.Dec. 2015
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To Work!

Friends, there will be no fireworks regarding my “inauguration”. The real work begins. We don’t expect help from anywhere. We only expect resistance and inertness.

We will make reforms, change people’s minds, revive what has been destroyed and build plenty of new things. The system will resist. So will the society. Therefore, there’s only hope for myself, a team of like-minded people, patriots and people with a keen sense of justice.

Elizavetovka, in the next few years, must become a small “state”: with its growing budget, its own Cabinet of Ministers and ministries – of economy, agriculture and possibly even defense. This small territory will become a testing ground for economic reforms, social changes, prototypes of which may then be used to reform similar branches nationwide. We want to become a source of manpower, authors of innovative solutions, a locality that actually functions according to the laws of sustainable development.

My pages on social accounts will be a platform for brainstorming, staff research and technical solutions that will be needed along the way.

I will be publishing information about competitions that we will hold for plans implementation, open discussion of all projects and selection of only the best contractors for implementation!

Our small team and I have immense experience in various fields and we want the number of our friends, partners and supporters in the building of New Ukraine to continue growing. Together we can do more than each individually!

Soon I will publish a general plan of action and a brief plan of action – we won’t reveal all the plans just yet. In the meantime, here’s the nearest project for those who technically and organizationally want to take part in it. Let’s call it “Virtual manager”.

The project aims to provide employment for the village residents, revive local economy, attract new residents and increase the demand for currently unclaimed property.

Briefly about Virtual manager

Inventorization of abandoned unclaimed property in Elizavetovka village, returning it to the ownership of the local government (or redeeming it for play money), recovery and installation of video monitoring systems and hardware and software complex with connection to the Internet for remote personnel management and assignment of tasks to them (repairs, maintenance, cultivation of agricultural products).

The project idea is not new, but so far very few people went further than individual decisions. We want make this project widespread.

If you understood what it’s all about and want get involved – you’re welcome to write to me.

Highest priority in the village council – high-speed Internet access, free Wi-Fi, laying of a local network and installation of cameras that will broadcast my office and village council sessions online.

Maxim Golosnoy

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