Authorities Through the Eyes of an Honest Official

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Mon.Nov. 2015
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Authorities Through the Eyes of an Honest Official

Everything I fought for back in 2010-2011 while being in the same office is now called “decentralization”. It’s clear for everyone who knows at least a little about my history.

Yes, my activity still displeases district officials that remained in their seats since 2010. But it doesn’t cause overt rage or irritation anymore. Yes, the system has changed its name and slogans, but, at its core, it remained just as rotten and clumsy.

It appears that at that moment my ideas and I were simply ahead of time.

Today I want to start a regular column in which I will be writing notes about how an honest official lives in the conditions of modern reality. This decision came to me spontaneously, after I received my first salary of 2 438 UAH ($100). And exactly two days later, I got an electricity bill, which equaled to 1 650.31 UAH ($68). My house isn’t supplied with gas, so I have to heat all 40 square meters with electricity. The difference that I can spend on my family’s livelihood amounted to 787.67 UAH ($32).

The salaries of village heads remained at the 2010 level. But will the dollar at 8 UAH in our import-oriented country that produces nothing it was still possible to buy something. Now, with the dollar at 25 UAH, a Chinese light bulb or a Turkish mandarin make you ponder. And sometimes simply fall into a coma.

How to survive and not steal? This question doesn’t arise for the majority of the officials. Definitely steal!

The same question doesn’t arise for prosecutors, judges and police officers. It’s impossible to defeat corruption with such low wages.

We want to live in a decent country and participate in its development. But normal people simply don’t want to apply for offices of village and city heads. They don’t want to and are not motivated to be effective, work for results and receive a share of the gained economic effect. Unsuited crooks, swindlers and just random people come in their place and they have no idea how to work! Their perception of the local government is made up of stereotypes and behavior patterns imposed by their predecessors.

So far all the reforms that the new cadence of “effective managers” if capable of is allowing to cut down the local park as compensation for wage arrears.

While a thousand euros a month and a simple procedure of a local referendum would give a real chance to motivate the authorities to actually work for people. After the removal by the means of a people’s referendum, the head of a settlement would be obliged to return to the budget all received salary for the entire period if the revenue from his work didn’t cover the amount paid to him.

I won’t confine myself to only criticism. In the near future, initiatives and proposals will come from me. I’ll direct them to Acting Prime Minister (or to the one that will replace him), and also to the Parliament through the deputies I’m acquainted with.

The salary of officials must be in accordance with the authority and responsibility that are assigned to them, on par with the demand from them as to their efficiency. Otherwise, what kind of legality and motivation can we even speak of? Americans won’t pay everyone as they do Saakashvili. WE NEED TO START CHANGING THE MODEL.

As a manager, I ask myself and you a simple question – I’m going to raise Elizavetovka’s budget multi-fold. But where is my interest? 787.67 UAH ($32)?

This is the first topic for reflection for you. To be continued.

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